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Many of our happiest clients started just where you are right now. Reaching out to us to learn more about estate planning in New Hampshire made them feel at ease, educated, and informed about the importance of planning for their futures. Our goal is to become your trusted support when faced with making legal, financial, personal, and business decisions throughout your lifetime.

At Uniquely You, our estate planning attorneys carefully customize plans, evaluate assets, and protect and align them with future family goals. Together we ensure your assets pass efficiently to family members, close friends, or charitable organizations after you are gone.

Parts of an Estate Plan

Each estate plan combines a set of specific documents related to your family’s needs to control assets, make critical financial and health care decisions, and designate beneficiaries. Some commonly used estate planning documents in New Hampshire include:

  • Wills – name an executor to manage your estate, pay debts, and distribute property as directed through probate administration in court
  • Trusts – protect and distribute assets owned by your trust without the need for a court proceeding
  • Healthcare or Medical Power of Attorney – select an individual to make health care decisions if you are unable
  • Financial Power of Attorney – appoint a person to make decisions related to financial matters on your behalf
  • Living Wills with Advanced Healthcare Directives – specify medical treatments you would or would not have if incapacitated or in need of end-of-life care to remove stress from family members dealing with medical professionals

Each document is used to keep your family out of court and avoid conflict if you become incapacitated and when you die. They help your survivors locate assets, plan care for minor children, address costs for long-term care, ensure eligibility for Medicaid or Veterans benefits, efficiently administer your estate to beneficiaries, and more.

Ongoing Support

After completing your plan, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing everything is set up the right way for yourself and your loved ones. But it doesn’t end there. At Uniquely You, our estate planning lawyers believe an ongoing relationship is critical to choosing and updating the right documents, such as wills and trusts, as life evolves. Over time, families buy and sell property, your children have grandchildren, and tax laws change. We make sure your estate plan remains relevant to avoid surprises and disappointments later.

Contact us for questions about wills and trusts and other estate planning documents for lifelong success.

Dawn DiManna, Esq., has over 15 years of legal experience helping clients in New Hampshire understand estate planning, elder law, asset protection, long-term care, proactive and crisis Medicaid planning, and Veterans planning. She began Uniquely You to help families discover ways to keep loved ones out of court and conflict and avoid financial collapse after a death or disability.

What Our Clients Say

I highly recommend Dawn DiManna! She has the knowledge and expertise to guide you and help make a unique plan for you and your family. You owe it to your family to have the best plan! Life can change in a moment. Be prepared!

Kayla Gagnon

Dawn really made a complicated experience as easy as it could be and has given me tremendous peace of mind. I now understand that estate planning is a gift to my family and something I should have done a long time ago.

Elizabeth Davies

Dawn is an attorney that listens, makes no false promises and goes above and beyond when life throws that curve at you. One in a million; wish there was a really good name for really good lawyers!

Sally Cockerline
Elder Law College Member
New Hampshire Bar Associate
Wealth Counsel Member
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