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Appointing a Power of Attorney to Manage Your Affairs

A power of attorney comes in different forms and is an important tool when planning…

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How Creating A Life & Legacy Plan With Us Creates And Preserves Your Family’s Legacy

When you think about loved ones who’ve passed away, you probably don’t think very much—or…

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3 Reasons Why Transferring Ownership Of Your Home To Your Child Is A Bad Idea

Whether it’s to qualify for Medicaid, avoid probate, or reduce your tax burden, transferring ownership…

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How Naming Guardians For Your Kids In Your Will Can Leave Them At Risk

If you are a mom or dad with children under the age of 18 at…

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Does Your Family Need Umbrella Insurance?

In today’s highly litigious society you are at near-constant risk for costly lawsuits—even if you’ve…

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Protect Your Children’s Inheritance With A Lifetime Asset Protection Trust

As a parent, you’re likely hoping to leave your children an inheritance. In fact, doing…

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