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While estate planning is recommended at any age, seniors are especially concerned about losing assets they’ve worked hard to preserve for future generations. Uniquely You understands the legal issues you may face, particularly the cost burden that long-term care can place on your family. We will review and protect your assets to ensure your quality of life and preserve your family’s inheritance.

Elder law services include:

  • Long-Term Care Planning
  • Medicaid Qualification and Crisis Planning
  • Veterans Planning

Long-Term Care

There are a number of challenges for aging people and their caretakers. It can be overwhelming to think about the long-term care services you may need, but making plans early gives you more in-home and nursing facility care options. Ignoring or procrastinating about these decisions usually results in challenging situations for family members and often eliminates choices.

Medicaid Crisis Planning

The worst time to make difficult decisions is in an emergency. Many rules and regulations limit your options in a health care or long-term care budget crisis. Without the assistance of Medicaid coverage in New Hampshire, your family will be held financially responsible for the monthly care costs directly or have their inheritance spent down to cover the high costs of care over time. We make sure you qualify for Medicaid as quickly as possible by creating efficient and effective crisis plans.

Medicaid Planning

Uniquely You tackles long-term care issues and Medicaid qualifications by designing a custom estate plan to address long-term care costs and affordable options before you need them. We include powers of attorney, so trusted individuals can make important decisions if you can no longer make them for yourself. We also prepare advanced health care directives that allow you to make end-of-life decisions so your family members have clarity about your wishes when the time comes.

Contact us for questions about long-term care and proactive or crisis Medicaid planning.

Dawn DiManna, Esq., has over 15 years of legal experience helping clients in New Hampshire understand estate planning, elder law, asset protection, long-term care, proactive and crisis Medicaid planning, and Veterans planning. She began Uniquely You to help families discover ways to keep loved ones out of court and conflict and avoid financial collapse after a death or disability.

What Our Clients Say

I highly recommend Dawn DiManna! She has the knowledge and expertise to guide you and help make a unique plan for you and your family. You owe it to your family to have the best plan! Life can change in a moment. Be prepared!

Kayla Gagnon

Dawn really made a complicated experience as easy as it could be and has given me tremendous peace of mind. I now understand that estate planning is a gift to my family and something I should have done a long time ago.

Elizabeth Davies

Dawn is an attorney that listens, makes no false promises and goes above and beyond when life throws that curve at you. One in a million; wish there was a really good name for really good lawyers!

Sally Cockerline
Elder Law College Member
New Hampshire Bar Associate
Elder Counsel Member
Wealth Counsel Member
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